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PlanAnnual PriceMonthly Price †Add an Inspection Maximum Value! 
Annual PriceMonthly Price †
Yankee Platinum Plus Plan
Central heat and tankless water heater
Yankee Platinum Plan
Central heat and water heater
Yankee Total Comfort Plan
Central heat only
Yankee Basic Plus Plan
Tankless water heater only
  not availablenot available
Yankee Basic Plan
Hot water only
  not availablenot available
Prices include Connecticut Sales Tax.
Annual inspections performed from April 1 through September 30 only.
Monthly Billing Option: Pay for your annual service plan with 12 equal monthly payments.

Your coverage begins five business days after your payment is received, and then continues for one full year. After the year is over, you will receive a renewal bill in the mail. Click here for full terms and conditions (PDF).


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