A blue flame usually means that your equipment is working properly.  A yellow flame may mean the equipment needs servicing.  Call a qualified technician.
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Construction Activity in Your Neighborhood

To learn where Yankee Gas work projects are taking place in your community, please click here and enter the requested information to find out more about a specific replacement project or a new gas expansion project.

Yankee Gas employees work year-round to safely deliver America's #1 heating fuel to your home or business. We continually perform maintenance and make improvements to our natural gas distribution system so that it is reliable as well as efficient.

Yankee Gas has more than 3,250 miles of gas pipeline and more than 150,000 gas services in Connecticut. The natural gas pipeline system is among the safest and most secure methods of transporting energy.

If you own a home or business and would like to learn more about connecting to natural gas, email our Yankee Gas team for information on equipment choices and service plans. Or call one of our trusted Energy Experts today at 1-888-2YANKEE (292-6533).