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Report Energy Theft

Report Energy Theft: Please Help Catch a Crook!

Energy Theft HOTLINE (800)286-5350  

Attempts to bypass or tamper with meters or other utility facilities can result in serious injuries, fire, explosions and death!

Stopping energy theft is important for all of us because, eventually, stolen natural gas costs all consumers money. It's something we at Yankee Gas take very seriously. Our Revenue Protection Department works hard to stop energy theft, but they need your help.

Illegalities of meter tampering
Meter tampering and diversion of natural gas is a felony that can lead to arrest and conviction.

How to report meter tampering and energy theft
Yankee Gas personnel are trained to detect tampering, but you can help, too. If you suspect someone is stealing natural gas, please report it to our confidential (no need to identify yourself) energy theft hotline, (800)286-5350, or through the form on this page. (If your browser does not support forms, please e-mail information to us at RevenueProtection@nu.com)

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