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The smart choice for your home

Discover why homeowners have made the switch from their current fuel source to natural gas!

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Natural gas is the least expensive way to heat your home


A high-efficiency (94%) natural gas furnace is the most cost-effective way to heat your home.*

*according to an AGA analysis of DOE's cost projections.
**Source: Energy Solutions Center 


Natural gas delivers value


Natural gas fueled fireplaces, grillsoutdoor lighting and appliances such as stovesdryers and standby generators not only add value to your home, but provide comfort and convenience.

Natural gas is efficient


When consumed directly by the end user, more than 90% of the energy value is used. Electricity, measured from the point of generation to the consumer, is much less efficient. (Source: Energy Solutions Center)

Natural gas is clean and safe for your family and the environment


Compared to other fossil fuels, natural gas is the cleanest - producing fewer harmful emissions which contribute to greenhouse gases.

Natural gas is reliable and convenient


Piped right to your home, natural gas is always there when you need it - no tanks to monitor, calling around for deliveries or worries about running out of fuel.

Domestic supplies are abundant


The U.S. has a total natural gas resource base of 1,836 trillion cubic feet (Tcf) and a total available future supply equaling approximately 100 years.

Convert your home to a clean, safe, reliable and efficient fuel source. Switch to natural gas! Complete the online "Check Natural Gas Availability" form or call 1.855.Oil2Gas (855.645.2427). 

Consider this: Converting an electric water heater to a natural gas water heater saves the same amount of CO2 emissions in one year as recycling 1.7 tons of waste!**


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  • Fall - Winter 2011  (PDF)
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