Remove lint from dryer screens after each load to increase your appliance’s efficiency and to prevent a fire.
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What Our Customers Say

"The service representative who came here, came when he was scheduled... I recommend him as a good quality, knowledgeable craftsman and a good representative of your company."

--G.S., Monroe, February 2012

“It is so gratifying to know someone actually cares about their customers.  My Mom has had the plan coverage for about 6 years, and we have had to use it twice.  The servicemen who came to the house responded quickly and were courteous and professional.  It gives my Mom a feeling of security to know her water heater is protected.“
--Steve Z., Derby

"We appreciate that there is a service we can participate in to give us that added comfort in case we ever do have an issue with our heating system!

Thanks again…"
-- Anne-Marie M., Oakdale 

"My furnace problems were over with one call to Yankee.  I am amazed and delighted.  Thanks very much from one very satisfied customer."

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