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High Efficiency Furnace and Natural Gas Boiler Instant Rebate

The High Efficiency Furnace and Natural Gas Boiler rebate is made possible by Energize Connecticut and administered by Yankee Gas and CL&P. Instant rebates of $200 - $750 are available through participating distributors. Talk to your contractor today about potential instant rebaes on high efficiency equipment. 

Valid for Connecticut Light & Power, United Illuminating, Connecticut Natural Gas, Southern Connecticut Gas, or Yankee Gas residential customers who purchase and install a qualifying natural gas, oil or propane warm air furnace and/or a natural gas boiler on or after January 1, 2014 through December 31, 2014.  Your equipment may qualify for low interest financing through a participating lender. Please visit EnergizeCT.com for more information.  Warm air natural gas furnaces also qualify for the Quality Installation and Verification (QIV) program.

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High Efficiency Furnace and Natural Gas Boiler Instant Rebate: 

  • Instant Distributor Rebates Now Available.  Your contractor’s equipment quote may already include the rebate. HVAC equipment distributors can now automatically apply the Energize Connecticut rebate to the price they charge your contractor for qualified equipment, eliminating the need for a mail-in rebate.  Simply ask your contractor about instant rebates for high efficiency HVAC equipment. Multiple rebates for the same unit (equipment serial number) will not be accepted. Customers who receive the point-of-sale instant rebate through participating distributors will NOT be eligible for a mail-in reabe for that same equipment.

Verify that your new system qualifies:  

Replacement Furnace Minimum Efficiency Levels / Incentive Schedules

Eligible Equipment Type Minimum Efficiency for Incentive  Incentive Per Unit  
Natural Gas Warm Air Furnace1 ENERGY STAR® certified 95% AFUE2 or greater and AHRI3 rated$600
Oil Warm Air FurnaceENERGY STAR® certified 85% AFUE2 or greater and AHRI3 rated $200
Propane Warm Air FurnaceENERGY STAR® certified 95% AFUE2 or greater and AHRI3 rated$200
Natural Gas BoilerENERGY STAR® qualified, AHRI3 Rated 90% AFUE2 with Temperature Reset or Purge Control$750
Boiler Circulator PumpBoiler Circulator Pump with Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM) installed on boiler (any fuel)$100

1 Eligible natural gas furnace installation outside of CL&P and UI territory is only eligible for $390 rebate incentive.

2 AFUE – Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency

 3 AHRI – Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute. All equipment must be rated in the AHRI Unitary or Applied Air Conditioning Directories. Both can be found online at www.ahridirectory.org

CEE – Consortium for Energy Efficiency – www.cee1.org  

Locate your qualifying make and model:  

Obtain your AHRI certificate:  

Locate a qualified HVAC installer:  

Qualify for financing:  

  • Several financing options are available. For more information, please visit EnergizeCT.com  Please note that to obtain financing, your contractor must be approved by the financing entity providing the loan.

Warm air natural gas furnaces also qualify for the Quality Installation and Verification (QIV) program incentives.  Please note that your HVAC installer must be on the utility approved QIV contractor directory.  Read more about the QIV program here:

For more information, call 1-877-WISE-USE (1-877-947-3873).