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Eligibility for CEAP

Most households whose gross income is at or below 150% of the federal poverty level (see income guidelines) are generally eligible for assistance.

Any household in which all household members are participating in one or more of the following Department of Social Services (DSS) programs will automatically be considered income eligible for CEAP, but must meet all other eligibility requirements to receive benefits: TFA, State Supplement, or Refugee Cash Assistance Program. If the total annual household income exceeds 150% of poverty, the household will be eligible for the benefit amount at 150% of the poverty level.

There is also a liquid assets test. The purpose of the liquid assets test is to try to ensure that winter heating assistance dollars go to households most in need; that is, to people without the financial means to heat their home. For homeowners, the first $10,000 in liquid assets, and for other households, the first $7,000 in liquid assets, is disregarded. Any amount over that limit, when added to the annual gross income must be below the income guidelines.

Households with income up to 200% of federal poverty levels with a member who is disabled, younger than 6 or at least 60 years old, may also qualify and be eligible for CEAP. In addition, households whose income is above the income threshold for CEAP, but below 60% of Connecticut’s Median Income may qualify for Contingency Heating Assistant Program (CHAP). For more information, call 2-1-1/United Way.