Do not attempt to fix or repair any gas appliance or equipment.  Call a licensed plumber, repairman or other qualified technician.
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Add a Dollar Program

Contribute to Add-a-Dollar Program and Help Someone in Need

By adding a donation to your Yankee Gas bill, you'll help Connecticut residents who are struggling to keep warm this winter. Most don't qualify for other assistance programs.

When you add a donation to your Yankee Gas bill, we'll match it with a 50-cent contribution through a special community contribution fund (up to the first $100,000 in customer contributions). We'll forward all contributions directly to Operation Fuel (PDF), which distributes warmth throughout Connecticut via a statewide network of fuel banks. Monthly Contributions of more than $10 must be made by separate check, payable to Operation Fuel.

To participate, complete the Add-a-Dollar Sign-up Form (PDF) and fax it, mail it, or give us a call at 1-866-855-8686. We'll automatically add the selected dollar amount to your Yankee Gas monthly bill as an Operation Fuel contribution. (You can ignore the charge and/or have it removed from your bill whenever you choose.)

Every dollar you contribute is tax-deductible.