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Connecticut Market Data

A Connecticut location offers strategic access to major, growing Northeast markets and global technology, as detailed in the 2014 Connecticut Economic Review.

New York City, Boston, Montreal, Quebec, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. lie within 500 miles of Connecticut and are easily reached via modern highways, airports and rail. Connecticut also hosts deep water ports in New London and Bridgeport and is within 100 miles of the ports of New York City, Boston and Providence.

Connecticut's workforce offers a strong work ethic, unrivaled education levels and technical expertise, in keeping with a long history of innovation. The state has a tradition of leadership in fields such as aerospace, precision manufacturing, financial services and plastics.

Connecticut is home to renowned colleges and universities, including Yale, Trinity, Wesleyan, US Coast Guard Academy and the University of Connecticut, as well as a strong network of other state, private and community-technical colleges.

But with all Connecticut offers for business, its quality of life rivals that of any state in the country. We have year-round outdoor recreation, historic trails, a broad variety of arts and cultural institutions and numerous outstanding health care facilities.

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