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Customers Information Disclosures

Yankee Gas may provide customer information, with customer consent, to affiliates. If authorized to provide customer information to affiliates, Yankee Gas will ask customers if they would like their information provided to any non-affiliates and, if so, that the information will be disclosed to those entities contemporaneously and in the same manner.

Listed below is the information Yankee Gas has provided to its affiliates:

Affiliate NameNumber of Names ProvidedNumber of Accounts Provided Type of InformationPrice ChargedElectronic Form It was Provided In
No customer information has been provided to affiliates.

Customer Information Disclosure Authorization

Yankee Gas’ affiliates offer goods and services that are separate from the regulated services provided by the gas company. These goods and services are not regulated by the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority. These goods and services may be available from other competitive sources.

The customer authorizes Yankee Gas to provide any data associated with the customer account(s) residing in any Yankee Gas files, systems or databases to Yankee Gas affiliates. Yankee Gas will provide this data on a non-discriminatory basis to any other person or entity upon the Customer’s authorization.

This page is intended to provide notice to third parties of any customer information provided by Yankee Gas to its affiliates so that all natural gas suppliers may avail themselves of the same. It is not intended to indicate that Yankee Gas’ affiliates have any preferential access to services.