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Waterbury to Wallingford Pipeline

Reaching out to potential customers through expansion

In fall 2011, Yankee Gas announced the completion of its Waterbury-to-Wallingford Pipeline expansion project. This was the second largest capital project in the company’s history.


The new pipeline brings many benefits to Yankee Gas customers now and into the future:

  • Increased the integrity and reliability of Yankee Gas’ distribution system
  • Delivers a low-cost, environmentally friendly energy option to new customers in the Waterbury-Wallingford corridor
  • Provides increased gas supply to benefit all firm-service, business customers

Pipeline 1 Pipeline 2 

The company began construction of a 16-inch diameter steel pipeline in early 2010. The pipeline runs beneath existing roadways from Waterbury, through Naugatuck, Prospect and Cheshire, to Wallingford, Conn. New equipment was also added at Yankee Gas’ Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Plant in Waterbury.


The pipeline begins at the Rte. 68/Rte. 150 intersection in Wallingford and continues west along Rte. 68 through Cheshire, Prospect and into Naugatuck. In Naugatuck, the pipeline turns onto Union City Rd. then follows Sheridan Rd. to South Main St. into Waterbury. In Waterbury, the pipeline follows South Main St. north and cross the Naugatuck River just north of the South Leonard St. intersection. Finally, the pipeline ends at Yankee Gas' LNG Plant on Eagle St.