Do not attempt to fix or repair any gas appliance or equipment.  Call a licensed plumber, repairman or other qualified technician.
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Welcome to Yankee Gas!

Choose natural gas – the smart energy solution for your home or business

Thank you for visiting the “Our Company” area of our website. Here you’ll find helpful information on our history, system expansion, events, careers, media contacts and much more.

Business Customers: Our Energy Advisors can help your business take advantage of the lowest natural gas prices available, provide you with information on hybrid technologies, connect your business with the industry's top equipment manufacturers and more.

Home Customers: Choose from an array of products and services for your home – from service plans and conservation tips to budget payment and energy assistance programs. Yankee Gas can also help you with equipment and appliance choices for heating, hot water, cooking (indoors and outdoors), fireplaces, outdoor lighting and more.

If you own a home or business and would like to learn more about connecting to America’s #1 fuel choice, email our Inside Sales team for information on equipment choices and service plans. Or, call one of our Trusted Energy Advisors today at 1-888-2YANKEE (292-6533).