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How to Read Your Gas Meter

Meters with Round Dials

If your meter has round dials (as shown below) and the pointer is between two numbers, always read the lower number. If the pointer is between 9 and 0, always read 9.

Here is an example: The meter dials below reads 8352.

Four Meters 

Meters with Digital Numbers
If your meter has digital numbers, simply report the numbers as they appear on the digital readout.

How Yankee Gas Reads Your Meter
Yankee Gas uses an Automated Meter Reading System to read your meters. Automated Meter Reading eliminates:

  • the need for you to be home
  • estimated bills
  • missed readings

A specially equipped van reads a signal sent from a small battery operated radio transmitter mounted on your gas meter. The van simply drives by to take a reading. Each transmitter has its own identification number that's relayed to our billing computer by the computer in the van. The equipment is manually tested and 99.6% accurate.

To find out how natural gas is measured or how to convert it to other measurements, consult our helpful conversion chart.