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Why is My Bill Higher this Month?

What Contributes to High Bills?

Natural gas is a clean and efficient fuel source. Occasionally, customers feel their gas consumption has increased for no obvious reason. The following list provides a few circumstances which might contribute to increased gas usage:

  1. Thermostat - A faulty thermostat may cause your usage to increase by heating your home beyond the temperature setting you have selected. Check the setting and recording. A deviation of two degrees (i.e. the thermostat is set at 65 degrees and the thermometer reads 67 degrees) is considered normal. You should also note the location of the thermostat (is the thermostat in a drafty area or near a heat source?) to identify factors which might cause your thermostat to perform other than expected.
  2. Plugged/dirty filters on warm air system and/or dryer. Clean filters regularly.
  3. Warm air registers (or radiators) are blocked by rugs or furniture. Wooden decorative coverings or metal with no holes or vents can limit the performance of your heating system. This also applies to cold air return ducts which may be blocked.
  4. Hot water boiler low on water. The system may be air bound (noisy) and/or have a defective circulation pump or zone valve(s).
  5. A/C and heat on at same time (usually commercial accounts)
  6. Fireplace damper open (even partially - with no glass screen)
  7. A/C vents not closed
  8. Water leaks on heating system or domestic hot water
  9. Storm windows not fully closed
  10. Appliances not functioning properly (out of adjustment - worn out/defective, etc.)
  11. Mixed house lines in multi-unit housing including condos. If the problem seems new, try to remember if there has been any work done by plumbers or contractors.
  12. Are you using your gas range for heating? This is very dangerous and should not be done.
  13. Thermostat settings above 68 degrees cause an approximate usage increase of 3% for each degree (above 68).
  14. Has the weather been unseasonably cold?
  15. Did the period during which usage increased include a holiday?
  16. Are there any leaks in your hot water system or are any faucets dripping?
  17. Was there an addition to your home which may increase usage?
  18. Was there an illness in your home or were elderly person(s) or a new baby visiting or living with you?

If you should continue to have problems, please call on one of our Customer Service representatives at 1-800-989-0900.