Do not attempt to fix or repair any gas appliance or equipment.  Call a licensed plumber, repairman or other qualified technician.
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Back of the Bill

Ready to assist you!

Call us toll-free at (800) 989-0900 if you have questions or complaints about your bill or payment arrangement. The hours of operation of our Customer Service Center are listed on the front of your bill.

If you have an emergency, we are available 24 hours a day, every day at 1-800-992-3427. If you feel we haven't responded to your needs adequately, you may write:

Customer Care Specialist

Yankee Gas Services Company
P.O. Box 150410
Hartford, CT 06115-0410

Other Important Phone Numbers:

Report Energy Theft: 1-800-286-5350
Service Plans: 1-800-266-9900
Business Response Center: 1.855.Oil2Gas (1.855.645.2427)
Call Before You Dig:
(Two working days before you dig) 1-800-922-4455

Billing and Payment Options:

  • Budget Payment Plan: Our Budget Payment Plan helps you to even out the amount of each month's natural gas costs over a year. To enroll, your account must be current. Call our Customer Service Center at (800) 989-0900 or visit us at www.yankeegas.com and sign-up today!
  • Matching Payment Program: Our Matching Payment Program lets low-income customers who have past-due balances work out a monthly payment arrangement so their gas service will be provided all year around. If customers qualify, there is a possibility of forgiveness of back balances owed. Customers must apply and qualify for energy assistance funds and make and keep monthly payments. Call us today at (800) 438-2278 for more information.
  • Third Party Notification: Yankee's Third Party Notification Plan helps customers avoid disconnection of service who, due to an oversight or misunderstanding, neglect to pay their gas bill. The program makes someone else aware of a billing problem and gives them ample time to take action so gas service will not be disconnected. The third party is not obligated to pay the bill, but simply makes them aware of possible termination of service. For more information call us today at (800) 989-0900, or sign up on-line at www.yankeegas.com.

Bill calculation information

  • All gas rates are subject to Purchased Gas Adjustment Clause.
  • Bills less than 25 days or more than 38 days will be prorated.
  • A 1% Late Payment Charge may be applied to the unpaid balance if payment is not received within 28 days of the statement date.

Check processing

By sending your check, you authorize Yankee Gas to use the check information to create an electronic funds transfer. The electronic transfer, for the original check amount, will be processed on the day your check is received. The check will be destroyed and an image of your check will be stored for 2 years. If the electronic transfer cannot be completed, a demand draft of your check can be created and used in place of the original.

¡Estamos listos para ayudarlo!

  • Llámenos gratis al 800-989-0900 si tiene alguna pregunta o queja sobre su factura o arreglo de pago. Las horas de operacion de nuestro Centro de Servicio al Cliente esta disponible al frente de su factura.
  • Si tiene alguna emergencia, estamos a su servicio las 24 horas del día, todos los días llamando al 1-800-992-3427. Si cree que no lo atendimos adecuadamente, puede escribir a:
  • Customer Care Specialist
    Yankee Gas Services Company
    P.O. Box 150410
    Hartford, CT 06115-0410

Para más información acerca de estos programas, comuniquese con uno de nuestros representantes que le atenderá en español al (800) 989-0900

Información Sobre el Cálculo de su Factura

  • Todas las tarifas de gas están sujetas a la Cláusula de Ajuste de Gas Comprado.
  • Las facturas de menos de 25 días o más de 38 días serán prorrateadas.
  • Un cargo por Pago Atrasado del 1% puede aplicarse al balance pendiente si no se recibe el pago dentro de los 28 días de la fecha del estado de cuenta.

Procesamiento de cheques

Al enviar su cheque, usted autoriza Yankee Gas a usar la información de su cheque para crear transferencias de fondos electrónicamente. La transferencia electrónica por la cantidad original del cheque será procesada el día que su cheque es recibido. El cheque será destruido y una copia electrónica será guardada por 2 años. Si la transferencia electrónica no puede ser completada, podemos exigir un retiro de fondos y este puede ser usado en lugar del original.