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Patio Heaters

Extend your summer fun into spring and fall

 Outdoor Rooms VideoPatio Gas Heater 

Benefits of a natural gas patio heater

  • Clean and convenient - no wood fire pit maintenance is needed
  • Fuel supply is abundant and always available
  • Easy to start with just a flick of a switch
  • Safely warms an area of about 20 feet in diameter

Natural gas patio heaters come in two types:

  • Permanent-mounting design - mounted in a fixed location on the deck or patio
  • Mobile design - uses a flexible appliance hose connected to a quick-connect outlet.

Common features

  • Typically 8 feet tall with a diameter of about 18 inches
  • Uses spark ignition instead of a pilot light; more energy efficient
  • Has a small umbrella-type reflector that heats you directly and comfortably
  • Comes with a dial or remote control so you can adjust the heat level

For more information, call 1.855.Oil2Gas (645.2427).