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Energy Efficiency with Enoch

Discover How You Can Save With Natural Gas  

EnochManaging your home or businesses energy expenses is no small feat, especially with the recent unseasonal weather fluctuations. Aside from turning off the lights consistently, minimizing hot water use and other standard energy-efficiency methods, there’s another way you can save energy that you may not have considered – switch to natural gas appliances.

With natural gas being America's number one energy fuel of choice, using it wherever possible in your home or business helps cut back on your alternative energy uses (like electric, propane and oil). So let’s look at some of the ways natural gas appliances can benefit you.

You may already know that natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel and a highly-efficient form of energy. But did you also know that:

  • More than 177 million Americans rely on natural gas for heating, cooling, hot water, cooking and more.
  • Using natural gas achieves 92% energy efficiency.
  • A household with natural gas vs. all-electric appliances produces 37% lower greenhouse gas emissions and results in 28% less energy consumption.
  • Natural gas appliances for home heating can help customers cut their energy bills in half.

Learn more about the American Gas Association's initiative for a brighter, more efficient tomorrow.

For homeowners, natural gas offers one of the least expensive ways to heat, cool and manage your everyday tasks at home. How so? Natural gas tankless water heaters heat more water per hour than electric – significantly minimizing the waste of standard tank-type water heaters.

Natural gas ranges, clothes dryers and fireplaces use significantly less energy than their counterparts and you can easily see the difference reflected in your utility bills. A smart energy solution, natural gas has so many uses and provides so many ways to help energize your home – inside and out. To learn about other ways that natural gas can benefit you, visit here. You can also use our Interactive Money Saving Calculators to see just how much energy and money you can save on your space and water heating.

Aside from residential use, natural gas provides great savings opportunities for businesses, too. There are a host of smart, natural gas solutions for your business; and several incentives and rebates are available for heating, kitchen equipment and more. For more information on solutions for your business, visit here.

So if you believe that energy-efficient natural gas appliances are the way to go, this is a great time to contact Yankee Gas to find out more about rebates and new equipment financing. To take advantage of flexible lease and loan options, including fixed interest rates and attractive terms, visit here.You can also read more about the benefits of natural gas for your home or business in Natural Living magazine.