Keep your meter and appliance vents free of snow and ice.  Clear a path to your meter for easy access in case of an emergency.
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Get Energy Assistance

If you or your family has limited income, and is having trouble keeping up with winter heating bills, you may be eligible to receive energy assistance. Please see the income guidelines for Connecticut residents to determine whether or not you may qualify.

When to Apply

Households can apply for energy assistance from November 1st - May 1st. Contact your local Community Action Agency (CAA) by phone for an appointment. Application date may be extended. For more information, Call 2-1-1 United Way.

Stay Warm

Having trouble keeping up with heating bills? We can help. See a short video [English] [Spanish] about energy assistance programs and how to apply. Read more in our Stay Warm brochure (PDF) listing heating season and year-round programs. There's nothing wrong with asking for some help.

Programs and Services

Yankee Gas cares about our customers and makes great efforts to accommodate your needs. We recognize that some customers face special challenges, such as very limited incomes, language barriers and/or physical disabilities. Whatever the need, Yankee Gas is here to help. Below are the programs and services Yankee Gas offers to help our customers in every way we can.

Assistance Programs Program Features Participation Contact Information 
Winter Protection Plan Utility service cannot be disconnected to hardship customers for nonpayment from November 1 through May 1.All Yankee Gas heating customers whose income is at or below 60% of the federal poverty level (FPL), who are receiving state income assistance, or are unemployed with up to 300% FPLCall Yankee Gas Credit Center at 1-800-438-2278
 Third Party Notification Correspondence, including a copy of a customer’s bill, is forwarded to a third person (a friend, relative or neighbor) who can remind the customer that a bill is due or past due. Third party is not responsible for payment.Any customer, particularly elderly or those who have language barriers, who may need assistance interpreting correspondenceCall Yankee Gas Credit Center at 1-800-438-2278
 Home Energy Solutions - Income Eligible Program Free energy-efficiency program to help residential customers lower energy use through air sealing, insulation, heating and appliance evaluations and energy-saving devices.

Income eligible Yankee Gas customers

Call 1-877 WISEUSE
Department of Social Services (DSS) Weatherization ProgramCommunity Action Agencies provide weatherization and conservation services, with a federally funded program.Households who meet the eligibility guidelines for CEAP Contact local Community Action Agency or DSS Energy Hotline at 1-800-842-1132.
Special Payment Arrangement Programs Program Features Participation Contact Information 
Matching Payment Program Forgiveness of past-due balancesYankee Gas heating customers who:
- Apply and qualify for energy assistance towards their bill
- Make and keep a payment arrangement

Call Yankee Gas Credit Center at