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How to Read your Bill - Home Customers

Your Yankee Gas bill reflects rates approved by the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority effective July 20, 2011.

Sample Residential Bills

  • Rate 01 For customers who have gas service, but do not use gas for heating
  • Rate 02 For customers who have gas service and do use gas for heating
  • Rate 03 Multi-dwelling service

The following information is provided on the reverse side of your bill:

Questions or Complaints

If you have an issue regarding your bill or payment arrangement, please call our Customer Service department, or include a note on a separate sheet of paper in your bill payment envelope.

Third-Party Notice

You can ask us at any time to notify a third party if your service is subject to being shut off. For additional information, please call Yankee Gas or fill out our online form

Bill Calculation Information

  • All gas rates are subject to Purchased Gas Adjustment (PGA).
  • Bills less than 25 days or more than 38 days will be prorated.
  • A 1% Late Payment Charge may be applied to the unpaid balance if payment is not received by the date printed in the late payment message on the front of the bill.

If you would like to discuss your bill with a customer service representative, please call 1-800-989-0900.