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Telemetering Requirements

Yankee Gas produces your customer bill by calculating how much gas you use on a monthly basis. The amount of gas you use is tracked by your gas meter. The type of metering equipment Yankee Gas uses to measure your natural gas usage is based on your annual natural gas consumption. The type of metering equipment required was approved by the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (“the Authority”).

Customers with Annual Consumption in Excess of 5,000 Ccf

If you use or are expected to use more than 5,000 Ccf of natural gas per year, your meter requires a telemetering device, or Daily Demand Meter (DDM). The DDM is an electronic device that attaches to the top, or within three feet, of a meter manifold and measures your daily gas usage. It provides customers with detailed usage information based on daily gas readings.

The DDM records hourly meter reads and once a day calls a toll-free number to download the information to Yankee Gas. Once the phone connection is made to Yankee, it only takes seconds to transfer your usage data to our customer billing system.

If you do not already have a DDM, Yankee Gas will make arrangements to install one. Your only requirement is to share one of your working phone lines with us in order for the DDM to operate. As part of the new rates approved by the Authority, there is a monthly telemetering charge that covers both the installation and maintenance of the DDM equipment that connects to your existing phone line. The Telemetering charge will appear as a separate line item entitled Daily Demand Meter Charge on your monthly gas bill. You will not be charged this new fee until a DDM is installed.

Customers with a DDM can access their daily natural gas usage through our Web site, www.yankeegas.com, which is refreshed weekly. For some, this information can help them better manage their energy usage, which can reduce their annual energy costs. They can see what processes or functions are affecting their daily gas consumption, giving them a better understanding of how they can realize better energy efficiencies. Detailed gas usage information also can help customers decide if it is more cost efficient to purchase their natural gas from Yankee Gas or a third party supplier.

Customers with Annual Consumption of 5,000 Ccf or less

Customers who use or expect to use 5,000 Ccf or less per year have the option of having a DDM telemetering device, but it is not required. If your gas usage is 5,000 Ccf or less per year and you have a DDM, you are no longer required to have one. If you prefer to have the DDM removed, please contact the Yankee Gas Customer Service Center and we will arrange to have the unit removed and a monthly read device installed without further cost to you. If you choose to keep it, you will be charged a monthly Telemetering fee on your monthly gas bill.

For more information, please visit www.yankeegas.com or call our Customer Service Center at 1-800-989-0900.