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Department & Inquiries Contact / E-mail Phone Common Requests 
Billing Customer Service 1-888-688-7267Charges & payments related to your bill
Copy of your bill
Receipt of customers' bills (if payment agent)
Change to your mailing address
Billing issues
Customer Information -
 Wire Transfer
Tom Denisky 860-728-4642 Banking instructions for Wire Transfer
Scheduling Date for Wire Transfer
Receipt of Wire Transfer
Customer Information -
 Wire Transfer
Cheryl Gervais
Elaine Somes 
Electronic file containing the appropriate customer accounts for posting the monies
Gas Nominations Lori Reno 
Fred Payen 
Nomination deadlines (FOM, subsequent & intra-day)
Review of discrepancies between nominations & deliveries
Details pertaining to correct procedures for nominating on the Yankee Gas system
Transportation Services -
 Status Reports
 Monthly Update
 Report (MUR)
Jani DeMichele 860-665-2444Processing of Gas Operator Switch Form
Customer usage not available at Yankee Gas Web site
Customer meter number
Inquiries regarding customer enrollment or switches (firm and interruptible service customers)
Transportation Services -
Jani DeMichele 860-665-2444Commencement & deadlines
Trade results
Inquiries related to the imbalance trade process
Transportation Services -
 Pool Usage
Jani DeMichele 860-665-2444Changes to contact name/e-mail address for receipt of daily pool usage report
Investigation into why daily usage report is not being received
Information regarding why customer's usage not appearing in pool
Transportation Services -  Rates/RegulatoryLisa Cullen   860-665-5947Explanation of rates and riders that impact the firm transportation program
Interest or status of becoming an approved third party gas supplier on the Yankee Gas system

Corporate Address:
107 Selden Street
Berlin, CT 06037

Fax Numbers:
Transportation Services: (860) 665-6246
Gas Nominations: (860) 665-6246
Large Customer Billing: (860) 607-6157