Look for the Blue Star seal when buying a gas appliance.  It certifies that the equipment design meets strict safety standards.
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Business Partners


Yankee Gas values our alliances with our business partners. Whether you are an architect, engineer, developer, builder or contractor, we can provide you with gas-related information, case studies and more.

In this section you will find information regarding new technologies, applications for home and business, how to locate natural gas mains near your projects and much more.

For information on gas suppliers, please visit the Gas Suppliers Resource area.

For information on Codes and Standards, please visit:

Additional Info:


Expand your sales approach by offering your customers third-party financing through AFC First or Connecticut Housing Investment Fund Inc. (CHIF). 

Become an approved contractor for AFC First and/or CHIF and you’ll get the following benefits:

  • Ability to offer your customers a premier fixed rate monthly payment plan specifically designed for energy improvements
  • Simple online customer application and fast approval time
  • Access to financing promotional material for your business

Low-interest loans for commercial and industrial customers who implement eligible electric energy-savings measures.

For some prospective customers, the initial investment needed to switch to natural gas might seem prohibitive, despite the savings, versatility and increased efficiency that natural gas will provide for years to come.  You’ll want to be sure to provide prospective customers with a financing option that will turn a larger initial investment into an affordable payment of, for example, $99 per month. 

Affordability is one of the greatest hurdles that consumers face when deciding to switch to natural gas…financing makes it possible.